M.P.E.C. statistics for I09

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Name: Cerro Armazones
Code: I09
Longitude: 289.803770°
Cos: 0.910166
Sin: -0.413875
Earth center distance 6366.472475 km;
Latitude (geocentric) -24.452468°
Latitude (geographic) -24.597805°
Data file (text)
Number of MPECs with discoveries (*): 0
Number of MPECs without discoveries: 1
Number of all MPECs: 1
MPEC 2007-W79 : DAILY ORBIT UPDATE (2007 NOV. 29 UT)

Observed objects

Nr.ObjectDiscoveryStationsObs allObs I09Obs percentNote
1      K06UL6S   11771418 % 
2      K07G03S   181621811 % 
3      K07T71D   1815243 % 
4      K07V06T   3017685 % 
5      K07V07Y   16117109 % 
6      K07V12D   18248208 % 
Sum6 objects   932748 %0 comets

Stations are all stations in all MPECs, which observed this object. Object is the short name and an asteriks appears for objects, which have been announced in the MPECs as NEO. A discovery by this station is named as Discovery. Obs all are all observations in all MPECs for this object. Obs I09 are all observations in all MPECs for this station. Obs percent is the percentage of stations observation to all observations.

I09 has discovered 0 objects. It has made 74 of all 932 observations (8 %) at 6 objects in all MPECs with involved station I09.

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