M.P.E.C. statistics for I08

Discovery MPECs
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Name: Alianza S4, Cerro Burek
Code: I08
Longitude: 290.693200°
Cos: 0.851160
Sin: -0.523940
Earth center distance 6364.217038 km;
Latitude (geocentric) -31.614788°
Latitude (geographic) -31.786850°
Data file (text)
Number of discovery MPECs: 6
MPEC 2015-O60 : 2015 OM35 (*)
MPEC 2010-O15 : 2010 OC (*)
MPEC 2009-P45 : 2009 PN (*)
MPEC 2009-O51 : 2009 OO9 (*)
MPEC 2009-O05 : 2009 ND1 (*)
MPEC 2009-L05 : 2009 KJ22 (*)

Observed discovery objects

Important: All values concerns only the discovery MPEC. If the object appears in other MPECs, these values are not used. For this look here

Nr.ObjectDiscoveryStationsObs allObs I08Obs percentNote
1      K09K22J Discovery29667 % 
2      K09N01D Discovery2171376 % 
3      K09O09O Discovery412325 % 
4      K09P00N Discovery11111100 % 
5      K10O00C Discovery7271037 % 
6      K15O35M Discovery315747 % 
Sum6 objects   1545032 %0 comets

Stations are all stations in the discovery MPEC, which observed this object. Object is the short name and an asteriks appears for objects, which have been announced in the MPECs as NEO. A discovery by this station is named as Discovery. Obs all are all observations in the discovery MPEC for this object. Obs I08 are all observations in the discovery MPEC for this station. Obs percent is the percentage of stations observation to all observations.

I08 has discovered 6 objects. It has made 50 of all 154 observations (32 %) at 6 objects in all discovery MPECS.

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Discovery MPEC for station I08

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